The Shark Morning Show with Sarah & A-Train always has the TV on in the Shark Tank and much to my surprise, this morning, I saw my friend Christina Dow on the screen.  She and her husband, Terry Dow, run a fantastic business, The Training Station, in Manchester.  It's a no BS martial art/fitness studio where many people have made their fitness goals and have learned exceptional martial arts training.

Terry and Christina conduct self-defense seminars from time to time and this time, according to a story from WMUR, they did it at the Manchester Police Department.  Many participants learned how to use their voice and their bodies to fight off a potential attacker and gave them the confidence they need if they are ever in that circumstance.

Christina and her husband Terry are friends of ours.  Two of my step-children have taken martial arts classes from them, so over the years, we became friends.  Terry and Christina are "salt of the earth" people who are generous and kind and would give you the shirt off of their backs.  Having said that, they are the two people that I would DEFINITELY want on my team if ever I faced an attacker or multiple attackers.  They, quite literally, kick major butt and will teach you the same.

Worth the drive from no matter where you are to take one of Christine's women's self-defense classes.  She is a no-excuse, no BS trainer and you will learn a lot from her.

Go see them and tell 'em that loud mouth blonde from the radio sent ya.  They know me well.

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