Kendele says this 'seclusion room' at Harpswell Community School is doing more harm than good!


Kendele has two boys who go to Harpswell Community School. Both have been placed in this seclusion room.

Kendele Ouellette

Her two kids, 10 and 7 have been put in this room multiple times. Both kids have an IEP (Individualized Education Program). The oldest also has ADHD, high anxiety and asthma.

The seclusion room is for the absolute last resort in emergencies. To be used only if a child is putting others or themselves in danger. They have to do everything possible first before having to use the room. Kendele feels her oldest son's life was at risk for not following policy.
She said she was told by the school that as a parent, she has no choice what so ever if her child is put in that room -  even if she objects.
Kendele Ouellette

Mom, Kendele, has reported the incidents and she is currently at odds with the school. Part of the issue is the actual room. A tiny window in the door. No real ventilation. This has to do with the Rule Governing Physical Restraint and Seclusion (a changed Rule Chapter 33).

Kendele is concerned that she found parents who were not only unaware of the existence of this room, but some parents had kids put in this room and they were not informed!

Should kids be put in a 'seclusion room'? Kendele has met with the superintendent and a case manager and wants to be heard.