Even if the New England Patriots quarterback has become more guarded with the press, he sees the upside to sharing pieces of himself with the world.

TB12 has really embraced social media. Hilarious, and sometimes opponent baiting post game vids have become the norm.

While many atletes have been on the wrong side of social media, Tom has found a way to connect with fans in a positive manner.

According to Boston.com, Tom was interviewed with Jets Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath on a number of topics. One of which was social media, something Namath wasn't a big fan of: "I do my little bit of tweeting now and then. But I tried FaceTime or Facebook, but that beat me up, man. Took too much of my time.”

Tom had a different take. “I do think in the advent of social media, the one thing that’s been really cool for me is I get to have my own voice and my own words,” Brady noted. “I think that’s a very empowering thing for an athlete. You don’t feel like when you say something it’s going to be taken out of context when you’re [saying] it yourself.”

Like most tools, it's how you use it, and Brady seems to have found social media to his advantage.


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