As your home for New England Patriots Football AND all things TB12, I feel we must discuss this. The beginning of Tom Brady's tenure in Tampa was rocked by a serious family medical drama, according to an ESPN report.

Divisional Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Last September, BOTH of Brady's parents were stricken with COVID-19.

In fact, his Father's bout with it was so bad that he was hospitalized for three weeks.

In an interview with ESPN's Mike Greenberg, Tom Brady Sr. said that he was so sick, he didn't even care if The Buccaneers were playing.

For those of us in New England that know very well how passionate Brady's parents are in following Tom's career, this is as shocking as it is sad.

Quickly checking their 2020 schedule, I believe the first two games that Brady Sr. completely missed (and was for the most part unaware of) was the opener VS. New Orleans and the second game against The Panthers.

Looking back on that 34-23 loss to The Saints, I can remember the images of Tom Brady Jr., sitting on the bench after the game with a detached and devastated look on his face.

The internet meme makers and local hot takers mocked him and howled with delight that his move to a new team was an epic fail and how that photo perfectly illustrated that point.

Seeing that photo now just completely changes everyone's perspective knowing that it was the face of a worried son overwhelmed by his parents' health crisis.

It makes me root for him all that much more!

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