Trader Joe's is now open in the old Macy's building in Bedford, just off of 293, according to a story from WMUR.

Very exciting for residents from all over, especially for wine enthusiasts.  (I know, it's all about the wine!)  You can get an above average bottle of wine at Trader Joe's at an inexpensive price.  I've spent around $10.00 for a lovely red that would rival any kind that I may order at a fine restaurant.

Not only does Trader Joe's have great wine, they have relatively inexpensive produce, fresh meats and bouquets of flowers right as you walk in the door that won't break the bank!  Truly, it's a beautiful store with a great vibe.  I'm excited to go!

Before Macy's, that building was home of Jordan Marsh and before THAT, it may have been Montgomery Ward, I'm not sure, but I DO remember Jordan Marsh and Macy's occupying that space.  The developers in that area are not quite done with the property yet.  According to the WMUR report, the next phase of the project will include a cinema and an REI.


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