It's an update on a retro corn maze from 15 years ago.

How do you celebrate a family farm that took ten years to get off the ground with pure determination? Treworgy Family Orchards is turning 40 years old this year having started back in 1983. Of course, they didn't sell their first apple until 1995. That's a story that if you can find the time, it's worth the read on their website. Over the years the Treworty Orchards have become known for their amazing and intricate corn mazes! For 22 years, they've been winning awards and entertaining Mainers with corn mazes that are as fascinating to see how they are built as they are to get lost in!

They announced recently on Facebook that they were going retro for the design to celebrate 40 years!

After lengthy discussion about what we wanted the design to be this year to celebrate 40 years on the farm, we decided that it was only fitting to go a little retro and bring back an older design and put a fresh twist on it, adding all the farm favorites throughout the design.

This is the farmer maze from 2008.

And these are some of their favorites that they've added for this year.

Treworgy Family Orchards is Maine at its best. Come for the corn maze (it comes with a soft serve ice cream!), but stay for blueberry picking and gift shop! Because before you know it, it's going to be back-to-school season and apple picking.  As they say at Treworgy,

Come make some memories!

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