The driver of a truck responsible for the loss of seven lives was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving last month and in 2013, according to Fosters Daily Democrat.

Details continue to emerge from an incident that has rocked the motorcycle community, and the Granite State as a whole.

Fosters Daily Democrat reported that 23-year-old Volodymyr Zhukovskyy was arrested six years ago on a drunken driving charge in Westfield, Massachusetts. In that case, he was placed on probation for one year and had his license suspended for 210 days.

Just last month, Connecticut prosecutors say he was arrested in an East Windsor Walmart parking lot after failing a sobriety test, according to Fosters.

The newspaper stated that police responded to a complaint about a man who was revving his truck engine and jumping up and down outside the vehicle. Zhukovskyy’s lawyer in that case said he denies being intoxicated and will fight the charge, and Zhukovskyy refused to submit to a blood test, according to the report.

The victims of Friday's tragedy were members or supporters of the Marine JarHeads, a New England motorcycle club that includes Marines and their spouses. The group had just finished dinner and was heading to a fundraiser at American Legion post in nearby Gorham. A total of 21 riders and 15 motorcycles were in the group. Ten motorcycles were hit.

There is a GoFundMe page for support.

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