We never would have guessed this…

When you think about sexy accents, what comes to mind? I immediately think about French men whispering into my ear, but let's limit our discussion to American accents. So now, my choice would be a Southern drawl.

The BigSevenTravel company compiled a list of the Top 50 Sexiest American Accents, and two New England states are in the top five. Maine and Massachusetts, specifically Boston, are 4th and 2nd respectively in the travel company's sample survey results of its self-reported 1.5 million social audience. BigSevenTravel describes the Bostonian accents as one of America’s "most imitated and parodied accents." When it comes to Mainers, people might be hypnotized by the way they drop their 'r's and use the word "wicked" as an adjective. Maybe.

Perhaps, Maine should change its slogan to "the way sexy should be instead of "the way life should be." Or how about "We're bringing wicked sexy back." Ayuh!


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