Since I'm off for vaca, we decided to pick games a day earlier and the results were basically straight out of a Twilight Zone episode.

Pauline Photo Credit
Pauline Photo Credit

Team Jacob Picks - Philadelphia

The session begins with Sarah admonishing Jacob about last week and one of their rare losses, in which he decided against Sarah's choice of Denver.

Then, the Evil Random Generator selects Monday Night's match up for Team Jake and THE SAME THING HAPPENS AGAIN.

Sarah likes The Giants and Jacob disagrees!

Not one hour after this discussion the biggest football news story of the week happened. Eli Manning will likely start for New York on Sunday.

Could this incredible turn of events continue to the benefit of Team Hugh?

Team Hugh Picks - Cleveland


It most likely will not.

We had to pick The Battle of Ohio.

Choosing between The Browns and The Bengals is like choosing between a rotten apple and one that was crushed by a truck.

Hugh and once again are forced to pick Cleveland (our 2019 curse team) based on the fact that Cincy has most likely peaked for this season (one win).


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