I just made a troubling discovery about 20 feet from our front door, one that appears to be a definitive case of coffee abuse.

Train Images
Train Images

And now, thanks to the very specific details that Dunks provides on the paper tag affixed to the side of every coffee, there are a lot of things we know about this cup.

It was purchased last Thursday afternoon.

Generally speaking, when a loyal listener buys a coffee for a broadcaster, it is usually during the early morning hours.

Also, people tend to leave goodies like this just outside our door and not on a lamp post 20 feet away. This is why I'm ruling out that it was purchased as a gift for the on-air staff.

My ten cent Sherlock Holmes theory is that this was purchased by or for someone on the landscaping crew, OR the many delivery people that frequent The Bob Fuller Media Center each day.

I'm going to give the owner of this coffee three more days to pick it up. It would be a shame to waste such deliciousness.

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