Eleven year old Ally Brown, a sixth grader from Dover appeared as part of the 'Whiz Kids" part of the ABC show 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire". The segment air last night and will wrap up tonight..

Ally is a student at Portsmouth Christian Academy.

She made her debut last night and in an article posted at Fosters.com, she did well!

Ally Brown, 11, of Dover and a student at Portsmouth Christian Academy, answered three correct questions on the TV show that airs on ABC and garnered $3,000.

In the show, there are 14 multiple choice questions, and each question is worth a specified amount. If a contestant answers all of them correctly, he or she wins $1 million. If the contestant answers one incorrectly, the contestant’s turn is over. An incorrect answer can also have the contestant lose part or all of the money he or she has earned from the correctly answered questions. However, contestants can walk away at any point and keep all the money they’ve made before answering the next question. Contestants also have a few “Lifelines” to use to aid them in selecting the correct answer.

Brown’s first question posed by host Chris Harrison and worth $500 was what the texting acronym “IDC” stands for. Brown correctly answered, “I don’t care.” Her second question, worth $1,000, asked her whose three famous ships, known better by their Spanish names, could be called, “The Girl,” “The Pint,” and “The Saint Mary.” Using her 50/50 Lifeline to eliminate the possible four answers to two, Brown correctly answered, Christopher Columbus.

After correctly answering her $2,000 question, Brown asked for the audience’s help for the $3,000. “When he was introduced to readers in the 1940s, what children’s literary character went by ‘Zozo’ in England to avoid sharing his name with their king?” With the audience’s assistance, Brown correctly answered, “Curious George.”

Best of luck to Ally tonight!

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