A multi-level Cal Ripken tourney featuring a dozen different teams AND a Statewide track meet with hundreds of athletes, ALL in the city of Rochester, and ALL at the same time? Yes! And I have pics to prove it.

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This photo above features my nephew Connor (Age 8, Pitcher, First Base, thumbs up) just minutes after they defeated 'Lamprey River' in The Kittredge Tournament at Roger Allen Park on Saturday morning.

The kid that is expertly photo bombing Connor is his teammate, outfielder Logan Summers.

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At about the same time just two miles away from the Roger Allen sports field complex, Connor's twin brother Caleb was competing in the Statewide track meet.

I have managed to capture him in mid-flight at the standing broad jump event. This jump was 5 feet 9 and 1/4 inches which is about 4 feet further than I can fly. (I tried it, it's not easy)

Caleb finished FIRST in the 50 Meter dash beating 29 other contestants!

And, yes, this post is just another opportunity for me to brag about them both!