This YouTube clip from wmsvideo really transports you to Salisbury Beach in September of 1989. You can confirm it's authenticity from the hairstyles and LACK of cellphones.

Whoever filmed these scenes has an excellent eye and a steady hand.

Man do I want pizza, fried dough and to play mini-golf, in that exact chronological order.

To be honest, I really didn't frequent Salisbury Beach until after I turned 21 (insert beer drinking joke here) so it was interesting to take a virtual look around, 5 years prior to my stomping ground era.

For those of you that are in the 21 year old demographic, check out 'The Pavilion' (at 6:46), yes folks, that was the precursor to Blue Ocean Music Hall. Twenty years prior to its Grand Opening!

Train Images
Train Images

I need to watch this video with Shark Morning Show announcer and Salisbury Beach expert Cheryl. I have not been able locate either 'The ConTiki' or 'The Tick Tock' and I desperately need her help!

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