In a world where we all have television, video games, and even social media to cure our boredom, it turns out some people are still playing "mailbox baseball" to pass the time. The short home security video footage above was shared on Facebook by Patrick Gilman, a homeowner from Candia, New Hampshire who was upset that his mailbox had been vandalized recently. In his description of the video, Gilman proclaims that "Both driver and "batter" are wearing glasses. 1 passenger in the back seat. Looks like a Ford Focus ST." 

From there the video speaks for itself. The car comes to a complete stop, a portly young man hops out of the passenger's seat and then delivers several swings to Gilman's mailbox, smashing it to pieces. He managed to do all of that while rocking the socks/sandals combination.

What may be even more offensive than the fashion sense of the offenders, is that vandalism like "mailbox baseball" is still a thing. Perhaps you remember this classic scene from the 1986 flick Stand By Me where Ace and his gang take out a series of mailboxes to prove how cool they are. Keep in mind, the setting for that movie is the 1950's.

If you can identify the perpetrators above, contact Patrick Gilman directly or notify the Candia Police Department.