With only a few days until Christmas, the University of New Hampshire Police Department decided to celebrate the holiday season in the best possible way.

So sit back and enjoy the flashing lights of the police cars all choreographed to some epic music.

The police department uploaded the video to their Facebook page on Wednesday, and it gets a big festive thumbs up.

You can see the sweet set up as the flashing blues, reds and whites light up the dark and even illuminate a massive UNH Wildcat sign up above.

It's a spectacular light show and creative way to say happy holidays.

Wondering what the song the lights are playing to?

It's the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Madness of Men." You can check out that song in full here:

You know you've heard some Trans-Siberian Orchestra as their music is often played during Christmastime. Check out this other song "Wizards of Winter" all set to a house light show here:

What are some other Christmas songs (or maybe even just songs in general) you'd love to see the police department sync up their police car lights to?

Either way, shout out to the UNH Police Department for having some fun for the holidays and sharing it with everyone.

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