After a page called "Can't Stop Laughing" posted a video of a lobster "lifting weights" on Facebook, it went viral with many people outraged because they believe it is "animal cruelty." So much so that the people who govern Facebook have covered the video with a warning: "This video may show violent or graphic content." You have to click "uncover video in order to see it. It is also no longer available for sharing onto our website, so you'll have to click on this link and uncover the video to see it.

The video shows a lobster on its back seemingly lifting a stick with cucumber slices on both ends. The lobsters claws are tied to the weight using rubber bands.

Along with the outrage, there are also many people who think the video is humorous, especially since the lobster is seafood. One person who defends the video says it’s "just a cockroach of the sea." A few others posted a cartoon meme comparing it to "Larry the Lobster" lifting weights. Among those who oppose the video is a person who comments that "everything deserves a merciful death." Another person says, "How come many of you think it is funny? I think this is a good example of mob mentality. Just because the uploader added that laughter sound, everybody thinks it is funny. Should be ashamed of yourselves."

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