It's a sure sign of spring for any NFL fan as the league has just announced a new salary cap adjustment for this upcoming season. What does this mean for The New England Patriots right now?

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
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$182.5 Million Dollars

Yes folks, there it is. The newly adjusted salary cap put forth by the league.

I follow @patscap on Twitter!

This gentleman has been meticulously tabulating the exact sum of money that The Pats have remaining to spend on player's salary for the past TWENTY YEARS.

He's been on Twitter for the past ten years and this is the first place I go whenever New England makes ANY kind of roster maneuver.

It's incredible how fast he is at getting the correct amount of cap space because I've never caught it off by even a penny in over a decade.

With the huge financial hit that took place in 2020, dropping the salary cap down 16 million dollars comes as no surprise and with The Patriots being The Patriots, they were prepared for it.


Even with the 11 million they have just allocated for Trent Brown AND the returning players that opted out last year due to COVID-19 safety, The Pats still have over 64 million in the till to distribute as they see fit.

There's no way, I'd be able to know that without @patscap!


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