There are over TEN 'Table Rock' locations in the USA, listed on Wikipedia, yet New Hampshire's isn't even mentioned? This is a SHAME!

Since today is Primary Day, (ok, so not THAT Primary) how fitting is it that I focus this article on Dixville Notch?

Almost 3,500 feet above the first township in America to cast votes every year, Table Rock offers stunning views of 'The Notch', Sanguinary Mountain and The Balsams.

Thanks so much to YouTuber 'DavidAStuart' for the beautiful video featured above.

However, there is NO WAY you'd ever catch me within fifty yards of that ledge, in fact not even a hundred yards.

I agree wholeheartedly with the commentary provided by 'Joe R', when he wrote ,

"I can't believe you were able to walk out to the edge. I couldn't. I crawled out on my stomach, and it felt like the whole ledge was swaying back and forth.

I'd have to make at LEAST a 1000 dollar bet to even crawl out there.

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