My nephews spent days carving paths throughout this gigantic patch of wild bamboo at their Grandparents' house and I might be a bit biased, but I think it just may transform the maze industry.

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It was very much inspired by their annual trips to Coppal House Farm in Lee where there is a a different themed Corn Maze every year.

This project started out as just a path at first and then quickly transformed into a devious labyrinth in which only the most brilliant souls could ever hope to escape.

Unfortunately, most of the paths do have an exit but, like most architectural wonders, this will be a bit of a work in progress until the final design is deemed fit for public use.

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This does take quite a bit of work as each individual bamboo stalk must be snapped and then cleared to create the resulting path. While they're feather light, they're not easy to transport over the banking as the stalks are quite scratchy and don't always cooperate with the person that's hauling them.

There is also a bit of a disagreement in the marketing department, it is currently undecided if the maze will be 'only' a maze or if it could be better served at a 'Haunted Maze' complete with werewolves and outer space creatures.

Since this upcoming weekend will be dominated by trick or treating plans, I don't think that there's much of a chance that the maze will be utilized properly in the Autumn season.

Next year however? Look out Corn Maze Industry, Bamboo will be taking over!

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