Since it gives me dizziness and headaches to create 'Fish Hooks' I've decided to give away Gary Clark Jr. WBYCB tix (Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Fri. Aug 25th) later today during Fish's show. The song you need to listen for is ...

Queen's 'Killer Queen'! After this song plays around 3:20pm today, I will announce to the rest of the world that they need to be caller 7. But since you already know, and you have 1-877-45-SHARK loaded into your call history, THE ADVANTAGE IS YOURS!

You're Welcome!

If you haven't heard or seen Gary Clark Jr. yet, you truly are missing out. This footage above is from Eric Clapton's 2010 Crossroads Festival and it is certainly worth watching. If you don't win tickets this week, you definitely should get a pair when they go on sale Friday morning.

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