Thanks to you Shark listeners for sharing your stories of where you drove the very first time you got your driver license. Or should I say, thank you for being honest.

Courtesy NH DOT - March 1990
Courtesy NH DOT - March 1990
Sep 21, 1981, Ctr Ossipee:
I drove my Dad’s 68 Caddy Deville and the instructor said it was more comfortable than his living room. He proceeded to take out a newspaper to read and I drove to the IGA and back.
- Martha on Facebook
Every word of this is poetry. I cannot even hope to improve upon it with commentary.


1999: Downtown Portsmouth. Parked in the Whaling Wall lot and went to the Watermonkey.

- Charlotte on Facebook

Oh this is tinged with sadness as The Watermonkey will be closing it's doors within a week.

Remember, the places you go may not be there forever, but the memories will always remain. I'm sure I ripped that quote off from somebody. Sounds too good to be original.

To my best friend's house. Two weeks later, I drove across country with my sister-in-law.

- Marilyn on Facebook

Way to break in that license Marilyn!

The furthest I've ever driven my car was just to Montreal to watch The Red Sox take on The Montreal Expos at Olympic Stadium in July of 2000.

That was all I did on that trip. Strictly a baseball spectator and nothing else. For the reader of this to infer that any other lurid activity may have occurred is very rude.

I totaled my dads car 1 hour after getting mine - Wayne

Wayne has earned the grand finale with that story. I bow to thee.

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