With the remnants of Isaias still being dealt with across New Hampshire, I thought it would be interesting to look back at some infamous hurricanes that Granite Staters will never forget.

5 Hurricanes That NH Residents Will Never Forget

I don't feel as if I gave proper credit to the viciousness of Carol. With winds reaching Category 4 gusts (130-150 mph!) southeast of here, NH was nowhere near being clear of her wrath. Ironically, the wind scale that meteorologists use, warns that Cat 4 gusts are powerful enough to tear off roofs of buildings.

And that's just what happened at The Gonic Mill. The roof was ripped off and deposited right on the workers cars in the parking lot.

Believe it or not, from all the accounts I've heard, nobody was injured.

Looking back to when I was a 7th grader, I can't believe how stupid I was by feeling 'disappointed' by the lack of utter devastation caused by Hurricane Gloria. I remember we were given the day off (it was a Friday) and I sat in the basement literally eating popcorn thinking that this would be so much fun. (?)

On the subject of my stupidity, I thought that Hurricane Bob was 'The Perfect Storm' but that disaster happened two months AFTER Bob around Halloween of '91. As time goes by, they both blended into one calamity in my mind.

Cowering during the wind gusts of Hurricane Irene is the most scared I remember being in the last twenty years of meteorological events. The weather stations said they were only 35 mph but they seemed to be at least twice that. It was probably Karma coming after me for my whining about Gloria, so many years ago.

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