Be on the lookout, I've got 5 of the 'berry' sweetest and wonderful desserts that the wilds of NH have to offer. And this year? Will be a bonanza.

5 NH Berries To BOLO For This Summer

In defense of my 'picking' tomatoes, they will grow wild on occasion but it usually only happens for one year. My Dad planted tomatillos one year (husked cousin of the tomato, outstanding salsa) and they were invasive enough to keep popping up here and there for the next 3 years.

I left out the red raspberry even though the few shrubs that I know of look great as well. They seemed much more common when I was a kid and now you can barely find them.

I have to think since people will continue to stay home more than ever before this summer, maybe there will be a renaissance in canning. NH cellars will be 'jammed' with preserves as Granite Staters party like it's 1899.

Since there are still 29.4 days remaining until baseball revs up again (not that I'm counting) When they ripen, I'll have no excuse to go out back and fill a few buckets.

Might I end with a warning, if you don't know exactly what kind of berry your picking, please don't eat them. The last thing I need is for someone to get a belly full of Nightlock after reading this article.

Forage carefully my friends!

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