UNH Graduation is this weekend and if you're like me, you might have a hard time deciding what to get your Grad.  There's always the money out, but I consider that a cop-out, so I try to look and see what might be cool to give.  I came up with a few fun things that might give you an idea of what to give:

Shattered glass paperweight:  I'm a practical girl.  I like to buy gifts that have a purpose more than just to look at, however, I love this paperweight.  As a woman who has come up the ranks with mostly men, I appreciate a good, "ATTA GIRL" gift.

Chocolate and Champagne Bottle:  A NO BRAINER!  Chocolate and Champs?  I love it!  Not very practical, but hey... Graduates worked a long time for this party, so I'd roll out the dough for this one.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:  Aesthetically pleasing speaker you can take with you or display more than one in your house or office.  Cool gift!

Book to Breakthough the Quarter Life Crisis:  I never knew this existed, but it makes sense.  When you graduate from College, where do you go next?  Everyone expects great things from you, but sometimes, it's not easy.  This book gives sound advice.

Moving Card Holder:  This is just cool.  Everyone should have one whether or not they have a desk job or not.  Definitely a statement piece for any desk, home or office.

Congratulations to all the Grads!  Go Wildcats!




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