How bad does one's Hampton Beach experience have to be in order to leave ruthless reviews on TripAdvisor?

Let's be honest, tourist reviews on TripAdvisor fall under the 'internet commenters' classification which is why the following comments made about Hampton Beach are so entertaining.

"Awful" (vet512 from Gansevoort, NY)

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This is the filthiest beach I've ever been on, I realized that it was raked every night but the garbage was everywhere.


"Never again" (jimmy s from Montreal, Canada)

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Place is jammed with people on good days good luck finding parking after 9 the water is cold overrated place motels look run down and you pay for the view as most are not cheap $


All humanity came to the beach over the 4th of July” (nkp from New Haven, CT)

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The traffic and the crowds made this unbearable. Honky Tonk atmosphere.Nice new bathhouses but long lines to get in.


“Slum” (Malcolm S from Durham, NH)

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Bad people, bad water, bad architecture, bad food. What more can I say! If you like crowded faux Boston beaches, this is your ticket.


Port Authority by the Sea” (trips11256 from New York City, NY)

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Wow! I've never been so sketched out by anywhere else in my life, including the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Actually, Hampton Beach is basically the seaside version of Port Authority. At 3:00 AM. But with hordes of bikers too.If you're into muscle tanks but don't have the muscles for them, enjoy the aroma of endless cigarette smoke, and like spending your precious vacation time with MTV Spring Break rejects, then this is the place for you. If you enjoy being over-charged for a hotel room that will leave you saying "well, at least I didn't get scabies," then you will love Ashworth by the Sea. But if you'd rather not leave your vacation more stressed out than when you arrive, I suggest something calmer and with a lot more charm. Like Revere.


Nice Beach Sketchy Boardwalk” (PamFromNY from Caledonia, NY)

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Beach is nice sand but water too cold for me. Fireworks were fun on the beach. Boardwalk full of young people smoking, swearing and holding onto each other. Not a pleasant place to visit, especially at night, lots of partying, smoke in my face, vulgar conversations... Packed beach, packed boardwalk everyday.


These people did not hold any punches and will likely never return to Hampton Beach and I feel bad about that. I feel like I could have done something to make their time here a little more enjoyable.

On the other hand, the beach IS quite crowded in the summer months and could use to lose a few people. Good riddance, I guess.

As for Hampton Beach's overall appearance on TripAdvisor? Well the good news is there were only 11 negative reviews, deemed "Terrible" and "Poor," out of a total of 289 about the beach. The rest were actually quite good.