I set out to find the perfect recipe that gives a nod to all the Holidays of this weekend, both traditional and NON-traditional and I think I've found it!

What an unbelievable stretch of weird dates on the calendar. Friday the 13th  then Pie Day 3/14 then The Ides of March.

Not to mention that most families will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day at some point this weekend because Tuesdays and green beer really don't mix all that well.

Alas, The Spinach and Cheese Quiche!

It's a pie AND it's green!

For an added measure of contemporary relevance, this recipe has TWO cloves of garlic in it and raw garlic has properties that allegedly ward off disease.

Garlic also has mythical properties that ward off bad luck! Sorry Friday the 13th, you'll have to wait til November!

In one fairly simple recipe you manage to cover Friday through Tuesday!


Credit Getty Images
Credit Getty Images

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