Another weekend, another fun trip to Oxford Casino! Just how 'Extraordinary' was this Bonus win on 'Little Dragons'?

Jackpot Final

Sure this final payoff is a moderate amount, (paid at 55-1 odds) but if you look at the total credits on the left, THAT is where the true story is told.

I originally put in a ticket voucher worth FOURTEEN dollars, and then sat there slowly and consistently building the cash pile to almost a $100 net profit!

I made most of my money on the 'Instant Bonus' round, in which the 3 dragons would fly into the bottom screen. They proceed to breathe fire (turning reels wild, stretching the screen) and smoke (Fiona the purple dragon rewards both cash prizes AND multipliers).

The treasure chest Bonus that you see on the image above rewards 7 free spins with 3 dragon features throughout.

It was at this point that I decided $94 was successful enough, thanked the 'Little Dragons' personally, and walked away with an extra spring in my step.

Check out the game below!

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