I was really hoping for a better number but it is difficult when you are in the land where 'deep fried' is a food group. By the 'weigh', it was NOT 303.

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I last registered a 303 in December of 2018 and my immediate thought was, 'I'll show that great big scale who's boss and EASILY drop ten or fifteen pounds" thinking that the next trip, these onlookers will not even blink instead of cheering my heft.

Alas, after 8 months of too many pizzas and too little activity, the August of 2019 update was far worse. THREE TWENTY ONE. More cheering from Fremont Street.

Well, this time was going to be different. Steel cut oats for breakfast, more meal prepping and increased workouts have resulted in a ten pound loss on my home scale since mid January.

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Horrible! I truly thought that I'd be around 312 or 313 just extrapolating from what my home scale had read in the past but, there it is in big red numbers.

Hopefully, I keep grinding away at it and can lose at LEAST twenty pounds by my next trip (December) and victory will be mine at last.

(Two pounds lost is better than two pounds gained, right?)