Is this the plot for a new movie? No, it's just another day in Maine. And I thought these things only happened in Florida…

A 20-year-old student at the University of Maine at Augusta has been charged with importing or possessing wildlife without a permit, after taking his five pet alligators on a taxi cab ride on Tuesday, according to Newser. Yifan Sun from China was reportedly taking the gators to a friend's house in Waterville.

Unfortunately for Sun (and the cab driver), the box that the foot-long critters were in fell over, Newser reported.

Can you imagine the shock on the driver's face to see five alligators crawling all over his cab? Newser stated that the driver was even nice enough to help Sun round up the wild beasts and put them back in their container. Luckily, no one was injured.

By the way, alligators are a restricted species in Maine.

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