I can't believe that kids are going back to school so early!

According to a story from Fosters, Governor Chris Sununu made an unsuccessful push to start school AFTER Labor day, but, according to the story, 80% of NH school districts will be starting before the unofficial end of Summer.

I really hope the Governor gets another chance to make this happen for NH schools.  There is something to be said for time with family, vacations, exploring, etc.  I realize there are challenges for families during the summer time, but there is value in spending time at home with your family.  Really, at the end of your life, are you really going to think that you should have gone to school more?  I mean, maybe if you've never received a good education, but here in New Hampshire, I believe that we are lucky to have incredible schools.  Good teachers will usually give a summer project anyway.

Not only that, but here in New Hampshire, we get so little nice weather, those few days in the beginning of September ought to be enjoyed.


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