Not even a Minnesota snow squall could cool off The Boston Red Sox yesterday. In fact, the last time they were this red hot, they won it all!

Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins
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Their Last Win Streak At Least 7 Games In Length, July 12th 2018

Of course, I didn't even want to look at the 2020 disaster that was the Red Sox season, but I had to confirm that I hadn't slept through any stretch of time in which that hideous campaign had any sort of winning streaks.

They were even worse than I thought! In fact, they only won three games in a row, twice.

In fact, it took them until August 19th to win their seventh game altogether! That was almost halfway through the season!

I was sure that the 2019 season must have had a seven game winning streak, but was very surprised to see that it did not. The Red Sox won six games in a row back in June of that year, but then struggled to keep their record within a couple games of .500, finishing with 84 wins.

It didn't take me long while perusing the record breaking and earth shaking 2018 season to find an impressive winning streak of seven or more. What a powerhouse that  ball club was! They had a ten game streak, a nine game streak AND an eight game streak all before August.

This Red Sox team sure has it's work cut out for it to try and match anything that World Series Champion club did three years ago, but it's nice to see that they've already proceeded further than in the last two years.

Hopefully, I won't jinx them and this trend will continue!

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