Listen, I get it, snow sucks. Yes, when we were younger, a snow day is all we hoped for in New England. A day when school was canceled and we could just go out and play in the snow all day.

However, as adults, snow sucks. I mean we have to wake up early to shovel (or plow if you're fancy), clean off our cars, hope we salted, and have to leave earlier to get to work safely and on time.

Let's get back to the part where we have to clean off our cars. I swear some people do not understand it is ILLEGAL in parts of New England (New Hampshire being one of them) not to clean off your car before you decide to take it out on the road.

In Maine, while it's not technically illegal to clear your car of snow, Maine state law does state that “A person may not operate a vehicle with a sign, poster, opaque or semitransparent material or substance on the front windshield, side wing or side or rear window that obstructs the operator's clear view of the way or an intersecting way.” Additionally, there's another law that "prohibits a driver from operating a vehicle with an unsecured load."

So there is still a way you can get fined for leaving snow on top of your car if it leads to an accident.

I cannot tell you the number of cars that I saw the other day driving with a giant pile of snow on the top of their cars. No, offense, but if you can't reach you may need a snow brush that extends to get it off.

Snow can fly off your car and cause an accident! 

Seriously, I saw plenty of cars on I-95 with snow on top of them, heck, I even saw a car go into a car wash with snow on the top (little fact, the car wash did not get rid of the snow).

What's even worse is that with wind, the snow gets blown onto cars behind you, and honestly, it's not the easiest to see while driving when that happens!

Don't be that person, you have to go outside anyway and take care of snow, take it all off your car. Whether there is a law or not, it's a jerk move not to clear off snow because those actions could hurt or even kill someone.

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