After my 'In Person' voting experience in the September Primary, I'm not concerned about safety nearly as much as I am with a speedy process. This WMUR-TV report helped to lessen my anxiety with the upcoming election.

Just 3 weeks from today I will be leaving work to go to The Elks Club to vote in Rochester's Ward 6 just like I have done since 2008. Not once have I ever had to stand in line for more than a couple minutes.

All the news footage this morning about early voters in Georgia had me tossing and turning, freaked out by just the idea of standing in line for an hour, let alone 11 hours.

Thanks to poll worker Amanda Binette and Londonderry Town Clerk Sherry Farrell, I am now much more calm than I was at 2AM.

I have not seen very many lines, we get through quickly. My ultimate goal is to have people come in, vote and be happy that they showed up and think,


"Wow, this was easy. I'll definitely be back next time."


- Amanda Binette, Londonderry NH Polls

Speaking for myself, I was very happy to see the maximum amount of distancing possible at my polling place. The plexiglass, disposable pens and non contact ballots were clever ideas that genuinely seem to make the process safer.

It just seemed like the amount of voting booths had shrunk quite a bit. I may be mistaken but I think there used to be in excess of 20 booths, and this past time, I can only recall 6 booths being there.

Since around 25% of people in Londonderry have already voted absentee, I'm hoping that quickens the process if Rochester has similar numbers.

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