White Castle Burgers, which are not around here yet, rolled out a vegan slider last month, according to USA Today, and now there's a petition going around asking McDonald's to create a vegan option on their menu.

I've read a lot of books on nutrition and some of them recommend a vegan diet, so I'm all for McDonald's providing an option for vegans and vegetarians.  I will warn you, however, if you go vegan or vegetarian, you must beware!  And I'll tell you why:

I was a vegan for about 3 years and I gained 30 pounds.  I'm not kidding.  It's a myth that all vegans are thin.  It's just not the case.  Granted, salads are very healthy for you and you can choose plant based salads and yes, you'll probably not gain any weight, but I couldn't do it.

I felt hungry a lot, so, what did I do?  I ate a lot of breads and pasta.  Not to mention the desserts that don't contain any meat products at all.

Next thing I knew, my "new diet" was putting weight on me and that wasn't the point of going vegan in the first place!

After much experimentation, I've found plant based protein powder is satisfying and I don't feel like I'm going to eat my desk.  I've also gone back to eating meat, but I must admit, I feel bad about it for my own health and certainly the health of the tasty critters I consume.

If McDonald's and White Castle and any other place can figure out a way to make vegan options fast and healthy?  I'm in!

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