You shoulda been there.

I was out for a lovely evening on Saturday in Dover with my family and friends and we decided, after eating quite a bit at Cara Irish Pub, let's get ice cream at Dover Delite.  I thought it was a great idea too, so.... I got a sample of the Whoopie Pie Ice Cream.  It was delicious, so, I asked for a small, because I'm being good, right?!!  haha!  Why not put whipped cream on the top?  Sure!!  Why not?

I see the girl behind the counter with this humun-go cone and I think... that kinda looks like Whoopie pie ice cream.... and wait.... she's trying to balance the whipped cream on top of a MOUND of ice cream!  Holy Moly, it's MINE!  I couldn't believe it's size!  (#thatswhatshesaid)  I asked for a bowl and a spoon at that point and grabbed a bunch of napkins.  I ate the cone like a cookie and about half of the ice cream.

Next time I go, (and oh yes.... I'll go again....) I'm going to order a small... without the whipped cream!

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