This appears to be the summer of the shark.  Shark sightings are flooding our newsfeed every day.  We see videos, photos, hear about the Great White Shark sightings and follow them on an app.

Beaches in our area have been temporally closed from time to time this summer due to shark sightings.

But the biggest threat to mankind comes in the tiny package of the mosquito. reports that on average, 10 people die per year by sharks but a staggering 2 million are killed by mosquitos!  2 million.  Just let that sink in.

Mosquitos are known to carry malaria, the Zika virus, and even worms.  And it’s not just a problem in other parts of the world. reports that thirteen cities and towns in Massachusetts are at high risk of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, also known as EEE. The CDC reports that their monitoring of mosquitos has picked up the illness in 140 mosquito samples this year.

Let’s face it, respect must be given to the mosquito which survived the extinction of the dinosaurs.  Drain all standing water around your home, which is where mosquitoes breed.  Wear light-colored clothing.   Mosquitos love to feed at the hours of dusk and dawn so take care during those hours and be aware.

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