I often joke that I go through this world sitting upon my throne of gold. That being said, the fine folks at Riverbend REALLY make curbside pick up a royal experience.

Train Images
Train Images

This was my viewpoint for all of 20 seconds yesterday as I parked alongside Henry Law Avenue across from Riverbend Pizza & Subs. The bag of award winning sandwiches and salads were promptly delivered in a very safe fashion.

Sarah called in the order and gave them her card number (I can't recall if it was debit or credit but they take both) and all I had to do was pull up, call and tell them I had arrived and what vehicle I'm in (it was The Shark Van) and that was it!

Even though, as you can see from my photo, the chairs are stacked in the corner and the deck has long since been shut down due to these uncertain times, the grill is hot and the steak sandwiches are just as great as ever!

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