I was excited to find this lone 'Pink Lady's Slipper' out in the back woods last weekend. It made me remember a couple 'wild' myths about it's rarity that were common when I was a kid.

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Pick One = A Month In Prison

They are relatively rare but according to Wikipedia, their Conservation status is 'Secure'.

A quick check of 'Tha Googlah' revealed this recent New England Today article that stated it is in fact 'illegal to pick up or dig up lady slipper plants on Federal properties'.

So, that myth is slightly 'rooted' in truth, but, the chances of you doing hard time for 30 days in the Hoosegow on a Lady Slipper charge is not likely at all.

'They're Worth $50 A Piece'

I believe the quote was "Lady Slipper bulbs go for fifty bucks a piece on the black market, that's how rare they are."

It is true that they're rare, only because they don't exist!

The root system of this orchid is very sparse and delicate and takes a very patient and talented horticulturist to successfully transplant a 'Lady Slipper'.

I'm willing to bet anyone that smuggles this pirated plant into the 'seediest' of emporiums wouldn't get anything in trade but the dirt on their hands.

Remember, if you do happen to see one, click it, DON'T clip it!

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