If you're a vegetarian and you think that the Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond doesn't have anything for you, you are wrong.

My stepson, Wesley and I went last night for dinner as it was his last day of high school and I wanted to take him out to celebrate.  He loves the Tuckaway's mac & cheese, so we went there.  I forgot it was two for one lobster roll night, otherwise, I may have said no... let's go somewhere else because that place gets PACKED on Monday and Tuesday, but it was one of those rare times at the Tuckaway that we got seated right away.  That doesn't happen often, especially on two for one lobster roll night.

Wes ordered grilled veggies with homemade hummus and a side of mac and cheese.  For desert, he had their famous bloo balls.  (deep fried blueberry cheesecake with blueberry ice cream)  Wes said he couldn't believe something like that existed, it was so good!!


Not that I really want more traffic in my town, but I feel the need to share the love when it comes to good food, so get to The Tuckaway no matter what you put in your mouth!!

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