It's official. One of the best sandwich places in the galaxy will be re-opening on Fourth Street in Dover in a beautiful new building. Here's everything you need to know and more!

Our official opening date will be Wednesday July 22, 2020.


Final inspections were a breeze. We decided to move the opening day to Wednesday to give ourselves one more day to prepare.


Please remember at this time we will be open for take out only! No dine in or deliveries, temporarily. As soon as this changes we will be sure to update you.


We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


- Doug's Hoagies Official Facebook Page

The skyline of Dover is starting to look downright futuristic so don't let your eyes be distracted by the downtown skyscrapers, the new location of Doug's Hoagies IS 10 Fourth Street, right on the first floor of the new five story building.

One of my biggest errors in dining is that if I try something once, and love it so much, that I never change my order. It took me about ten years to FINALLY get the nerve to order something other than their Large Italian. (I also love their Barnyard.)

I mean, their Italian Sub has pepperoni in it! That in itself earns decade of commitment from yours truly.

But now, I have heard from a very reliable and trusted source, that their french fries are THE BEST and that usage of ALL CAPS is completely warranted.

I feel so foolish for denying myself that offer of a half pound of those fries WITH my Italian, for at least the past 17 years.

Thankfully, I'll only have to wait another day to correct this decades long mistake.


Facebook VIA Doug's Hoagies Official Page
Facebook VIA Doug's Hoagies Official Page

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