Pass The Hat, Volume 1 started as an idea that Chris Chase had in an effort to help seacoast area musicians who are out of work and it’s blossomed into a life line for many of his musical friends.  The Shark Morning Show had the chance to talk to Chris when this project began.
Chris owns the recording studio, The Noise Floor in Dover and many musicians have recorded their music there. When the pandemic hit, Chris knew that many of his friends would be in really rough shape since the majority of their money comes from playing live music and he wanted to do something to help. He, along with several seacoast musicians he got onboard, wanted to create a digital album that features 50 original songs from the artists. Chris had everything he needed to get the project done and if he could get people to donate to the cause, he could give the money directly to the musicians who were hurting for money.
He started a GoFundMe account and he has reached his goal of over $10,000!!!
If you go to The Noise Floor’s Facebook page, you’ll see a collection of the musicians on the album and some really cool photographs of each one. For more information about the project and learn how to get your copy, go to the noise floor nh dot com or go to their Facebook page.
You can still contribute to the GoFundMe page here.

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