According to Fosters, Advay Nomula is the Spelling Bee champ for the fourth year in a row at Dover Middle School.  He advances to the State Bee to be held in Concord next month.  If he wins that, he'll head to Washington, D.C. to compete in the National Bee televised nationally on ESPN!  How exciting for Advay and his family!

I called Dover Middle School to see if Advay could come in to the Shark Tank to challenge A-Train to a spell-off and I'm waiting to hear from his Mom.  I stink at spelling, so I'm sure he'd kick my butt, but Train would be a formidable opponent.  (I had to look up "formidable" just then.  I'd SO lose.....)

Anyway, spelling bees are tremendously stressful!  I remember doing them when I was in school, lost and didn't think any more of them until I saw them on television one day.  Talk about pressure!  Not only are you under a lot just by being a contestant, but now you'll have cameras in your face!  OH!  Too much for me!

Congratulations, Advay!  I hope to see you in person right here in the Shark Tank to go head to head with our very own A-Train!



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