Just when you thought you've seen it all, here's a Throwback Thursday video from 1990 in which someone tries to eat a bowl of Wheaties atop the windiest mountain on earth.

According to YouTuber Nate Fanning, this video was completely filmed and edited by the observatory crew at Mount Washington and ran on a loop on a summit building TV screen to promote the observatory museum that was downstairs.

Apparently, this video is mentioned in the best selling Bill Bryson book 'A Walk In The Woods' as the comment section is filled with references to 'Chapter 18'.

My favorite part of this is the coffee and toast being served at 1:07 as I'm incredibly clumsy when I'm hungry and usually any attempts I make at preparing a seemingly easy breakfast like this result in a similar scenario.

I think this provides an excellent lesson that if you're planning to summit Mount Washington in these conditions, eat your breakfast PRIOR to climbing.

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