Thomas, who's time with Boston ended in turbulence has also found his joy again.

During the  2016-17 season, many would credit Isaiah Thomas for putting the Boston Celtics on his back, en route to a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. Tugging on heartstrings, he courageously fought to score 33 points the day after his sister Chyna, passed away. He battled through injury,suffering a torn labrum in his hip.

Then, they traded him for Kyrie Irving. Remember that?

Thomas has been traded again (and again) since then, but according to an article posted on Bleacher Report, holds no ill-will towards his former team. “I don’t wish them bad luck. It’s just, you can’t duplicate what’s real. What we had was real. There was a time I was upset. I felt like it was handled the wrong way for a franchise player. But I don’t hold no grudges.”

Thomas told Bleacher Report it was a tough road to get back, but “I’m at a good place mentally.” “I got my joy back.”

His current and former team tip off Wednesday at 7:30.

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