This past weekend, I went shopping in Downtown Portsmouth for some retail therapy, as I often do.  I stopped in to the Water Monkey (which has been there forever) at the Vaughn Mall, right next to the parking lot in front of the whale wall.  When I opened the door, I heard, "YEE YEE!" and "WOOP WOOP!"  Not particularly loud, just loud enough for me to notice.

They have cozy clothes at reasonable prices, so I ended up buying a Winnie the Pooh Zen-Like T-shirt and a comfy sweater.  I wore them yesterday and wanted to wear them again today, but...... decided not to, at least here at work.

I kept thinking about that greeting, so yesterday, I called the shop and spoke with Aaron Jule.  He, his brother Carole Jule and brother Roger Jule run the shop.  Here's what he had to say about it;

It started happening and some people called back to us when we did it.  It's not a specific thing - for us, we are a positive, my brother, myself and my mom - we wanna let people know that we are happy to see them.  A lot of times, I don't even know that I'm doing it.  It takes on a life of it's own.  Sometimes if we recognize people, we might do it more.  It evolves in the moment.  It's not a rule though.  No corporate handbook.  Just hard-working family.  We're just happy to see people.

LOVE this.  Sometimes, as Aaron said, you walk in to a place and they could not care less that you've come in.  They don't even notice you.  That YIP! at the Water Monkey went a long way with this girl.

Now I have to go back for that awesome Larimar ring that I saw......

Give them a visit when you can.  The Water Monkey is at 33 Vaughn Mall, Portsmouth, NH.  Online at


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