I have to admit, when a friend of mine told me that Dos Amigos was leaving their space on Central Avenue, I was bummed.  I just love their Burrito bowls, but having heard about the in-coming restaurant from an article in Foster's, I am a little relieved.

According to the report, John Daniels and Nikki Nocella used to work at several Portsmouth restaurants like, Martingale Wharf, Rosa, Row 34 and Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe.  They say that Dover is lacking an intimate, casual dining experience.

"Stalk" will be "casual fine-dining," with a selection of meat, vegetable and seafood choices.  John Daniels, of Dover, is a pastry chef, so the restaurant will probably have amazing dessert choices as well.

If I have any influence over what kind of desserts they may have, might I suggest black forest bites.  That way, you can just have a bite and not feel like you've gone completely off the wagon.

The new owners hope to see the restaurant open by the end of the year.

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