They are celebrating in style with entertaining events on the summer schedule.

Cochecho Arts Festival

The Friday Night Concert Series will be back, as well as the Tuesday morning children's shows, and of course our very own Shark in the Park concert series beginning on Wednesday, July 13th from 6-8pm with 'Rosie'.

There will also be the 'Theater in the Park' program as well as an expanded 'Dinner and a Movie' series.

The series is scheduled for 4 Tuesday evenings at the Cochecho Courtyard. Local restaurants will offer up a dining experience with cocktails as popular movies will be shown on the big screen. Admission is $10 for the movie with dinner and drinks charged by the restaurant directly to patrons.

The Festival will kick off Friday, July 8 at 6 p.m. with the first show of the Liberty Mutual Headliner Series featuring Gretchen and the Pickpockets.

Happy 30th birthday Cochecho Arts Festival!