This is not a drill! The fine folks at Oscar Mayer are in need of people to tour the country as drivers of their famous 'Wienermobile'.

Oscar Mayer Wieners Vist Chicago school
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This is a genuine full time job! Each 'Hotdogger' , as they are called, will spend a year traversing the USA to deliver hot dogs and happiness throughout the land.

If selected for this prestigious honor, you will attend at least 200 events, or 'Meats and Greets'.

The official 'LINK' (note the pun) right here has a very thorough write up of what is expected of you as a media ambassador for the high quality product that we've all known since childhood.

I have to admit, the more I learn, the more the magic wears off the story of my one amazing encounter with the OMW.

It was the summer of 2016, I was driving southbound on Route 125, just before the junction at Route 101 and there it was! It drove right past me!

I have relayed this story several times with the same reverence I'd have at seeing a unicorn.

Alas, there are SIX wienermobiles touring the country AT ALL TIMES.

Sarah has actually been aboard one of them!

This morning she said that Oscar Mayer likes to hire young and outgoing college graduates to get the experience of traveling the country as a spokesperson for an iconic American brand.

Sure enough, the online application says almost that exact same thing.

This really beats the relish out of the public buildings maintenance job I had fresh out of school, emptying trash buckets and pulling weeds was no fun at all!

I guess I'll just have to cling to the sour grapes that I'll never have to worry about parallel parking a 27 foot long and 11 foot high frankfurter while EVERY pair of eyes within a half mile watches you attempt that feat.

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