After years of hearing from dozens of people that I have to try the General Tso's Chicken at Kim Lai in Portsmouth, I finally tried it. Here is my review.

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I'm beyond obsessed with General Tso's Chicken, some may say possessed.

Whenever I'm in a new restaurant and the very name General Tso is anywhere on the menu, THAT is my go to. It could be General Tso's dirt or General Tso's roofing tacks and I'm going to order it and love it.

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Why did it take me so long to finally try Kim Lai after nearly twenty years of recommendations? I guess I just have to blame it on ANOTHER General,  the General Sully bridge and the traffic upon said bridge.

What a shame because the sauce at Kim Lai is magical.

GENERALly speaking, this chicken is more sweet than spicy and can almost taste like a dessert. (Not complaining.)

But the sauce at Kim Lai is spicier than any I've had and it really makes it stand out among all the others. FANTASTIC.

Also, I like the way they're not afraid of adding a healthy amount of fresh steamed broccoli. Sadly, broccoli is becoming much more rare an item when ordering this dish.

I'll shall be adding the Number 18 into my lunchtime rotation to make up for lost time.

2020 is looking better already!