Ah! The fun of the holiday season...more like "Bah!" for most folks. Here's a great recipe for a holiday highball that will take the edge off any Santa-related panic attack.

I call it the Frank Cross.. named after Bill Murray's lead character in the 1989 film adaptation of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol".

  • 99 and 1/2 parts Vodka
  • 1/2 part Tab

Served on the rocks or neat.

Any old vodka will do but you MUST use Tab and you can still find it in canned 12 packs at the finest grocery stores. Any other diet soda would be gauche.

A couple of these and you'll be ho-ho-hammered, so please drink responsibly. Remember, Christmas stress even caused George Bailey to knock back a few double bourbons, so you're in good company. Drinky Drinky!

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